Village News 24th February 2023

Village News 24th February 2023

Dear All,

St John the Baptist

There will be a family service on Sunday at 11.15am led by the family service team and with Rev Julie Nicholson giving the talk. Coffee and biscuits afterwards. All welcome as always.

Message from James Birdwood

I am planning to run in the Paris Marathon on 2nd April, to raise funds for repairs to the church. Our son Hugo will be running with me and has promised to go at my speed!

I have just set up a Just Giving page, so please have a look if you would like to support us:

Message From Doreen Gibbings

Unfortunately the Mobile Post Office is unable to give a service on Thursdays until 23rd of March due to technical problems.

Mondays will be normal Service 10:30 to 11:30 am.

Message from Emma Weir

Seven of us from the village went to the Barn Theatre to see Round the World in 80 days. All of us absolutely loved it, fantastic for children and old alike. Great slapstick comedy well written and fantastically acted by 3 actors who play numerous characters. We all highly recommend you go to it and take kids if you have them!

It is on until 11th March.

Any more news let me know,


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