Friends of Shipton Moyne Parish

The Friends of Shipton Moyne Parish is a charity, which was established in early 2021 with the aim of making our village a better place for everyone who lives here. One of our charitable purposes is to support the church, as we hope to do some of the work which was done by our resident vicar in the past, but our charter makes it clear that our objectives are equally to support non-church related activities in the “civil parish” of Shipton Moyne.

The charity's trustees are all villagers, each closely involved with the village in various ways. The first project undertaken by the charity was to commission this website, which will become the central hub for all information about Shipton Moyne, its news, its events, its community, its organisations and its businesses.

To find out more about the Friends of Shipton Moyne Parish, please use the button below to go to the charity's website.