About Shipton Moyne

About Shipton Moyne

Shipton Moyne is an ancient Gloucestershire village close to Westonbirt Arboretum and to Tetbury and Malmesbury.

The Fosse Way forms not only part of the parish boundary but of the county boundary with Wiltshire, and until 1930 Shipton Moyne was actually part of Wiltshire.

The village is mentioned in Domesday Book in 1086 as having 38 inhabitants, and in the last census had 265. The Le Moyne family were Normans, and although long extinct, are still represented in the chancel of the Church by the tombs of two crusader knights and a lady.

The Church of St John the Baptist was rebuilt in 1864 by the Estcourt family, the local landowners, and in the Estcourt Chapel are two striking and elaborate tombs of 1599 and 1624. The family died out recently, and the estate was sold a few years ago to Juddemont Stud Farms.

Until the 1970s the village was dominated by farms, but these have now been sold off and most of the present inhabitants have no connection with the land, but have brought a wide variety of skills to the village.

Everyone remarks on the tremendous community spirit of good neighbourliness, with many events and activities, often involving the excellent Village Hall. Every year in June or July a regular feature of village life are the performances of classic operas such as Rigoletto, La Bohème, and Tosca that are put on by the Shipton Moyne Opera. These take place at Street Farm at the northern edge of the village.

Apart from the Church, the main social centre of the village is the famous Cat and Custard Pot Inn. This was saved for us when some of the local residents combined to buy it to preserve it as the village pub, where it has remained as a constant source of hospitality and good cheer.

The Parochial Church Council works keenly to support the work of the Church, while the Parish Council tries to get the County Council to fill the pot holes, dog-owners to keep the village clean, and runs the Recreation Ground and the children’s play area.

In other words, Shipton Moyne is a wonderful place to live!

The Map of Shipton Moyne Parish

The map below shows the boundaries of Shipton Moyne parish in blue. The orange markers are key amenities within the village. The yellow markers are local tourist attractions, whose links are provided on the Nearby Attractions page of the website.

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