Village News 23rd October 2021

Village News 23rd October 2021

Dear All,

St John The Baptist

There will be a Family Service tomorrow morning at 11.15am taken by Chrissie and Ian Carling.  Followed by coffee and biscuits.  All welcome.

Route 66 and Rosie

Shipton Moyne’s very own/old rock superstars, Route 66, with Rose Farquhar on vocals, are playing next Friday 29th October at the Holford Arms in Knockdown. Starting at about 9pm.  Please come along.

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring was found in the Birdwood Barn after the Harvest Supper.  If it belongs to you please let me know.

Harvest Supper

There are still a few dishes, a spoon and a cake slice left in the porch.  Please come and have a look if you think they belong to you.

Any news please let me know,