Village News 4th December 2022

Village News 4th December 2022

Dear All,

Polecat/Ferret in Southside

Message from Christopher White

We have a very young ferret / polecat in our garden, almost certainly living within the fence between Jit and us. It is very beautiful. Our dog found it two days ago. This evening it has appeared again, nose to nose with the dog. It is clearly tame as it approached me and let me stroke it; it entered the kitchen too, having left food outside for it.

Could you put a notice out in case someone has an escapee, please! It only seems to appear after dark…

Carol Service

The Carol Service will be on Sunday 18th December at 4pm. We will have the usual mulled wine and canapes afterwards. If you are able to make a plate of canapes please let me know and bring it to the church anytime after lunch on that Sunday. Many thanks.

Julie has found a grumpy innkeeper for the short play – she is still looking for:

  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • 3 Shepherds
  • 3 Kings
  • 3 Angels (I think we have 2 angels)
  • A baby under four months old or a baby doll

Choir for Carol Service

There are plans afoot to have a pop-up choir for the carol service. If you would like to join in please contact James – There will probably be a couple of short rehearsals beforehand.

Any more news let me know,


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