Village News 6th January 2024

Village News 6th January 2024

Dear All

Happy New Year!

St John the Baptist

The church services this month will be as follows:

  • Sunday 7th January – 11.15am Holy Communion, taken by Rev Pauline Setterfield.

The Feast of the Epiphany
We will be celebrating the visit of the Magi to Jesus.
We will also be chalking the door of the church; you might like to do the same to your own front doors after the service; it’s a great talking point!

  • Sunday 14th January – 11.15am Matins taken by Rev Julie Nicholson. Do stay for a glass of wine afterwards.
  • Sunday 21st January – 11.15am Holy Communion, taken by Rev Julie Nicholson.
  • Sunday 28th January  – 11.15am Family Service with coffee and biscuits afterwards.

Many thanks to all those who cleaned and decorated the church for Christmas, and for the lovely Christmas Tree. Too many to mention, but it looked beautiful, and it was lovely to see so many people at the Christmas Services.

Coffee Morning

This will be at the Cat & Custard Pot on Tuesday 16th January at 11am.

Treasure Island

Many thanks to Ian and Chrissie and The Barn Theatre for a wonderful evening yesterday.  A very enjoyable evening by all accounts!

Mobile Post Office

Don’t forget our very useful mobile post office twice a week, on Monday and Thursday at 10.30 – 11.30am.

Beer & Hymns  

We are having another of our very popular beer and hymns evenings on Monday 22nd January in the Cat at 6.30pm.

Flowers in Church

Many thanks to Amanda Hornby who has agreed to take over the church flower rota. She will be in touch with those who are already on the rota, but please contact Amanda if you would like to help as well.

Any more news let me know,


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