Village News 22nd November 2021

Village News 22nd November 2021

Dear All

The Friends of Shipton Moyne Parish – what it is and what it will do

This new charity has been set up to enhance our community. It is independent of the church and the other village charities, but will support them all.

Examples of what the trust hopes to do include:

  • Helping people who are in trouble, ill or bereaved by: providing transport for those who are unable to drive, to shop or visit the doctor; delivering meals to anyone too unwell to cook for themselves; maintaining the defibrillator; or helping to pay for special facilities for those who are disabled.
  • Helping the young by making grants of money to school or university students.
  • Supporting existing village charities including the PCC, the Village Hall and the Recreation Ground.
  • Helping to keep the church alive for weddings, christenings and funerals, as well as normal services.
  • Arranging for more use to be made of the church building for non-religious purposes such as concerts.
  • Supporting community events such as bonfire night.
  • We have sponsored and will maintain a village website – please take a look at  

The trustees would like everyone in the parish to know about this new charity and to have a chance to suggest what we should try to do.  So there will be an open meeting to explain our plans and to give everyone the chance to tell us how we can do most good.            

The meeting will be at 12 midday on Sunday the 28th of November.

It will be held in the church as there is more space for social distancing than in the Village Hall. 

Please come and encourage everyone else to join us.

Paul Lewis Art Show

Paul is having an exhibition of his artwork in Malmesbury and would love to see his friends from Shipton Moyne.  If you can’t get to Malmesbury most of it is on line.  It is running until the 12th December in Malmesbury Town Hall.

Any other news, please let me know by responding to this email.