Village News 15th November 2022

Village News 15th November 2022

Dear All,

Bonfire Night

As many of you will know, Shipton Moyne Fireworks are being revived this year after several years absence. I attach the flyer that has been very efficiently delivered around the village (thank you Lucy and Ian).

Tickets are available from Doreen Gibbings and the Cat & Custard Pot. It would be appreciated if you buy your tickets in advance so we have some idea of numbers for the bar and food!

Coffee Morning

This will be in the Cat and Custard on Tuesday at 11.00am. All welcome.

St John The Baptist

There will be a service of Holy Communion on Sunday at 11.15am taken by Rev Julie Nicholson. All very welcome.


A reminder from Julie Nicholson 

From the wealth of poetry written from human experience of war and conflict across the world and throughout time, an evening of poetry and music is planned to take place in St John’s on Friday 11th November to mark Remembrance. Readings will span not only WW1 and WW2 but also older, ancient battles and more recent conflicts. Music can be live and recorded. There will be poems and poets that are known and cherished, as well as lesser known works. This is open to anyone from around the village who would like to be involved. A range of ages and interests would be great. 

If this sparks your interest, an enjoyment of performance, or simply a wish to be part of something to mark the occasion, please get in touch. There will be lots of ways to be involved if reading up front isn’t your thing. Either speak to me or drop me a line or text message. There will be an opportunity to meet and find out more once we have gauged interest. Don’t be shy!


Defibrillator Training

We had a very good turn-out for the training session.  Many thanks to all who came. If you couldn’t come but would like to learn more please contact one of the people who attended, including The Hallpikes, Carr-Jones’s, Boggis-Rolfes, Riddicks, Cardales, Pat Butler, Pauline Curthoys, Caroline Chambers or me.  Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!

Mobile Post Office

A reminder that this comes to the village on Mondays and Thursdays at 10.30-11.30am. It provides a wide range of post office services – please use it!

Any more news let me know,