Village News 14th January 2023

Village News 14th January 2023

Dear All,

Hope everyone is surviving the floods, and getting over the winter colds that we all seem to be catching!

New Arrivals

A warm welcome to David and Kate Bryson and their two children. They have moved into Turnpike Cottage just before Christmas.

Also a warm welcome to Ra d’Arcy Clark living at Pond Farm.

Ferret Saga

A final update from Christopher White:

The dog has been looking for “something” along our fence for days. This evening she was clearly agitated when outside and darting around by the bins and our utility room. I turned on the utility room and garage lights and let her into the garage. Lo and behold, the ferret appeared from behind some boxes looking as healthy as ever, despite a few newly acquired ticks! She has been clearly feeding herself well.

Chris Cooke came around immediately and the two of them have been happily reunited. A joyous winter ending to the story!

Coffee Morning

There is a coffee morning at the Cat & Custard on Tuesday at 11am. All very welcome as always.

St John the Baptist

There is a service of Holy Communion this Sunday to be taken by Rev Julie Nicholson. All very welcome.

Any more news let me know,


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