Village News 11th June 2022

Village News 11th June 2022

Dear All,

St John The Baptist

Tomorrow there will be a service of Matins at 11.15am taken by Rev Julie Nicholson. Do come along and stay for a glass of wine afterwards.


Many thanks to everyone who did so much last weekend. I have had lots of photos sent to me and will circulate them soon, and ask Christopher White to put them on the village website. Please send any more.

Rose Bell

Rose Bell’s funeral will be at the village church on Tuesday at 2pm. The family are looking forward to seeing their friends from the village there.

Post Jubilee

If you are missing anything after the jubilee try looking in the Birdwood’s porch – or if you have anything that you think isn’t yours, please feel free to put it there!

Any news let me know,