Sports In Shipton Moyne

Sports In Shipton Moyne

Sport plays an important part in the social life of Shipton Moyne. Football thrives on the Recreation Ground ("Rec") and in the past the village sported a cricket team at Estcourt.

The Recreation Ground was given to the village in 1951 by Mr H.C. Coriat, who lived at Cranmore Farm. He wanted to gift the land, because he wanted a safe place for his farm workers to play and enjoy themselves. The one condition of the gift of land was that the parish was responsible for fencing in the "Rec", which was done by grateful villager, who gave up their time to do this.

In the meanwhile, the Parish Council is responsible for the insurance and mowing of the Recreation Ground. For any other maintenance, fundraising is needed to cover the costs.

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Shipton Moyne Sports Teams
Shipton Moyne Recreation Ground